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Copyright Registration Service in Delhi India

Copyright Registration Service in Delhi India iprpractice helps individuals or organizations in getting their work copyright registered while securing their originality. copyright registration in india, copyright registration service, copyright services india, copyright consultant, copyright consultant in delhi, copyright agent in delhi. IPR Practice is your trusted partner for securing your intellectual property rights. We provide end-to-end legal services in Delhi/ NCR for all kinds of copyright registration, from filing the application to obtaining the approval. Our team of experts includes copyright attorneys, consultants, and litigators who can handle any legal issue related to your creative work. Whether you have written a novel, a poem, a script, a song, a software code, or created a photograph, a web content, a sound recording, or any other artistic expression, we can help you claim ownership and prevent others from copying or misusing it. We also represent and defend artists, writers, composers, authors, painters, cinematographers and other creators in cases of copyright infringement. IPR Practice is the right solution for protecting your creativity with convenience and professionalism.

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What is Copyright Registration


The law has given the copyright rights to artistic works, musical, dramatic, and literacy & sound recordings. It is mainly given from creators of artistic works, musical, sound recordings, dramatic, and literacy to law. In reality, it is a package of rights that includes the translation of work, adaptation, public communication, and reproduction rights. In the configuration of rights, there should be a little bit of variation that depends on the work. It ensures the minimum protection of the author’s rights over their formation by rewarding and safeguarding creativity.The copyright registration is inspired by forbidding any court proceedings against the work contravention till that work is registered in the Copyright office. This means that copyright will only exist when registered. Copyright protection is given to sound producers, filmmakers, designers, architects, dramatists, musicians, writers, artists, and many more. They all create an environment where creativity flourishes that also encourages more and more creativity.

What is Copyright?

Copyright gives security to the original work of the creator. It is mainly an intellectual property right that gives out to its creator. Other entities or individuals can only use the work of the creator with his permission. Work includes computer programming, recordings, cinematography, artistic, software, scripts, books, etc. The companies often copyright user guides, brochures, product literature, website content, and instruction manuals. You can also transfer copyrights to somebody else—copyright aids in safeguarding owners’ rights of work by rewarding and protecting their creation.

Extent and Scope of Copyright Registration

You can register both unpublished and published work. The work published before 21st January 1958 means before the commencement of Copyright Act, 1957can also get registration by providing their work and enjoying the copyright. Along with the application, you will send 3 published work copies.If you want your unpublished work to be registered, then a manuscript copy has to send with the stamp affixing application of the Copyright Office in proof of the registered work. If 2 manuscript copies are sent then 1 copy of the same will be returned with the stamp and the other copy will behold on till it is possible in the Copyright Office for keeping a record & it is kept confidential. The applicant only sends the extract from the unpublished work rather than the whole manuscript &, after the stamp with the Copyright office seal, demands the return of extracts. When you have registered your work as unpublished and lately published, you can apply for changes that you have entered in the Copyright register with the fees prescribed.You can copyright all types of artistic and literary works and file applications for copyright for other computer programs or your website. Computer programs or software can be recorded as literary work. The literary work includes compilations, tables, and programs per sec 2 (o) of the Copyright Act, 1957. Along with the copyright registration application, source code is also supplied for software products.

The procedure of Copyright Registration

The copyright registration procedure is discussed below:-
  1. Registration applications should be made on the given first schedule in the rules.
  2. For registration of each work, a separate application must be made.
  3. All applications must go along with the prescribed fees in the second schedule of the rules.
  4. The application of registration must be signed by the advocate or the applicant in whose favor a power of attorney is accomplished. The second party signs a power of attorney, and the advocate accepts it. It must be included.

Processing Application time

After filing the application and receiving a dairy number, a 30 days compulsory period wait is required. In the Copyright office, no demur is filed in opposition to your claim of the work you have created.

Benefits of Copyright Registration

The benefits of Copyright registration are given below:-
  • Legal Protection:- The owner of copyright will get various rights with copyright registration over dissemination, adaptation, translation, distribution, and reproduction of work.
  • Brand Value:- When creators’ work is copied without authorization, they can enjoy legal protection exclusively.
  • Worldwide Protection:- There is ownership proof as the owner has copyright registration, and the owner can use it for marketing purposes and create goodwill.
  • Copyright is an asset: If the work was copyright outside India, it provides a similar advantage to that work in India.
  • Owner Publicity:- For the owner, copyright is an intellectual property that’s why it is known as an intangible asset that can be franchised or sold.
  • Economic Stability:- The registration of copyright leads the work to be known worldwide as it becomes browseable in the database of the copyright registry. Finally, nobody can use the work without the author’s authorization when all things are done regarding copyright registration.
With the help of copyright registration, economic stability was ensured because the creator could produce his art in the form he likes.

Register of Copyrights Registration

Register of Copyrights is kept in the Copyright Office as written under section 44 that includes titles, names, or works and address and name of the owner for copyright or other documents as needed.

How to check the application of copyright registration status?

For checking the Application of Copyright registration status, the following steps should be followed:-
  • Go to the Copyright Registrar website and click on Status of Application.
  • Then fill in the dairy number which you have received and is also called the acknowledgment number.
  • Press submit button.
  • Finally, you got the status.

Time required for processing request for Copyright Registration

You will examine a waiting period after filling the application and receiving a dairy number of 30 days. This is essential because of the objection received from the Copyright Office regarding the ownership of work. After the 30 days are completed, and there is no objection, you will be certified for obtaining copyright certification on the work.

Punishment for violation of copyright

If any person violates the terms and conditions of the Copyright policy, then he will be fined not less than Rs. 50,000 and 6 months of imprisonment. If the violation did a second time, then he will be fined not less than Rs. 1,00,000 and imprisonment of 1 year.

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